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Economics Resume


- Over 15 years of management, emphasis on logistics, scheduling, strategy, and negotiations.

- Well versed in the high-tech industry.

- Excellent communication, presentation skills, public speaking, and written skills (my former college professors still use my papers as examples).

- Excellent interpersonal skills, strong ability to garner, maintain, collaborate with, and develop relationships.

- Self-motivated, solutions-based, independent, analytical, concise.



- Coordinated scheduling, meetings, travel, lodging, and logistics.

- In charge of all communications involved in running a business. Communication with clients, potential clients, utilities, resources.

- Utilized Microsoft Office for communications, presentations, and budgeting.

- Negotiated contracts with venues, institutions, corporations.

- Wrote contracts, agreements, proposals, grants, and other types of documents.

Event Producer:

- Conceptualized, planned, organized, coordinated, funded, and hosted dance/music concerts.

- Coordinated schedules, meetings, travel, and logistics with multiple businesses and individuals.

- Office Administration.

- Secured venues.

- Booked acts.

- Led separate divisions in tandem to optimize product, profit, and overall results.

- Utilized Microsoft Office for communications, presentations, and budgeting.


- Conceptualized, developed, executed, and led meetings and presentations to inform and educate partners, clients, and employees.

- Advised a multitude of dance education institutions on how to implement and sustain best practice to maximize efficiency and profit.

- Enrollment increased.

- Brand reputation increased.

- Supported higher administrations in advisement and implementation of best practices.


- 20+ years teaching at a plethora of institutions, schools, venues, and studios.

- Extremely well-versed in speaking in a way that engages and informs.

- Excellent at giving instruction and also developing instruction to educate others.

- Able to handle confidential information with discretion.

- Excellent at leading meetings and developing and executing presentations.


- 20+ years history dancing and acting at some of the country’s most prestigious venues.

- Extremely well-versed in public speaking.

- Extremely well-versed in improvised/unplanned situations.



        - BA. Economics. City College (2020).             - Presidential Scholar in the Arts (2009).

- Judy Dimon Scholar (2020).


-EAS, DASA, CST certified (Department of Education).

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